What Characteristics Of Disposable Gloves Determine Its Wearing Sensitivity?

- May 14, 2019-

What characteristics of disposable gloves determine its wearing sensitivity?

Disposable gloves have many advantages. After wearing, it has no burden like the second layer of skin, has good sensitivity, and gives users a better product experience. It is one of the unique product features. The excellent sensitivity of disposable gloves is a combination of the product itself and the process.

It is sensitive because it is thinner. Whether it is a nitrile glove or a latex glove, it is made of synthetic rubber or natural rubber from an emulsion film, so it can be made very thin. Such hands can better sense the outside world and maintain good sensitivity.

The elasticity is good, and the ability to fit the hands is indispensable. Although the gloves are thin, they can't be applied, and the sensitivity is greatly reduced. Nitrile gloves and latex gloves can be very close because of their good elasticity and moderate stretching. This disposable glove is like the second layer of the human body, keeping your hands flexible and sensitive.

The design of the pockmark further helps the glove to maintain sensitivity in wear. Gloves are designed to be pockmarked, whether it is pointed or palm, it is like the fingerprint or palm print on the hand, so that the hands can maintain a keen sense of contact, so the touch of the hand can remain sensitive.

Disposable gloves with good sensitivity, allowing users to better operate the object and reduce errors in the work. The combination of hands, pockmarks, and thinness are all reasons why the disposable gloves have sensitivity characteristics. If the thickness of the glove is changed without changing the first two, will it affect its sensitivity?

The answer is obvious. Thickness will have a certain effect on sensitivity. However, in actual use, the user's usage experience does not change much. Why is this?

Because although the thickness of disposable gloves is different, the common gloves are standard, thicker, and extra-thick. To a certain extent, they are also a kind of distinction between different thicknesses of products. However, because disposable gloves are disposable, they are discarded immediately after use. Moreover, the manufacturer of the gloves in the production gloves will control the thickness of the gloves within a reasonable range. In fact, the increase in the thickness of the gloves is not large. Therefore, the increase in thickness of this point does not have a particularly large impact on the hands, and the sensitivity is not greatly compromised.