3 teach you to choose the right health service

- Apr 26, 2019-

3 teach you to choose the right health service

Health clothes bring a lot of convenience to our work and life. Seemingly simple, but there are many doorways. We found that in reality, many people often have clear protection needs, but when they make choices, they are trapped by a wide variety of health services, indicating that they have no way to start.

Next, teach you 3 tricks to ensure you quickly choose the right health service!

The first measure: look at the color, easily identify the type of health service

If you don't know much about hygiene, you can start with the color of the health suit. The materials used in the work are nitrile, latex and PVC, which are very different in color.

The first is nitrile hygiene clothing. Its raw material is nitrile rubber, which can be made into a variety of colors, common blue, dark blue, and also black, green, orange, white, etc., the color is very much. It is worth mentioning that rich colors make it easy for companies to manage their positions to improve efficiency and reduce cross-infection.

We often see such signs in the elevators of some hospitals. "It is forbidden to wear sanitary clothes and press elevators." Many people do not understand. In fact, the sanitary clothes here refer to the health clothes worn by doctors.

There are four types of health care workers who need to wear hygienic clothes: when the patient is examined, when the patient is drawing blood, during surgery, when cleaning is done. In this environment, health clothes carry a variety of germs. If the above operations are completed and contact with other items, the germs will be spread out, resulting in cross-infection, and the incidence of infectious diseases in hospitals will increase.

The hospital elevator button doctors, patients, and family members will be in contact with each other and the usage rate is very high. Wearing a used health service touch button increases the probability of infectious disease invisibly.

The act of “prohibiting wearing sanitary clothes and pressing elevators” can effectively reduce the incidence of infectious diseases and is related to the health of doctors and patients.

The working environment of the auto repairman is relatively complicated, so it is necessary to do a good job of protection. When choosing a health service, it is necessary to fully evaluate the surrounding environment and make the right choice.

First, assess what damages are encountered at the site. There are two general types:

Instrument damage: If you are exposed to sharp tools during work, it is easy to cause cut injuries;

Chemical damage: such as gasoline, paint, putty, brake fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc. A mixed solvent of benzene or the like contained in these organic solvents is an internationally recognized carcinogen.

Then, choose the right health suit based on the assessment. The auto repairer should choose protective clothing that corresponds to the estimated damage. For example, hygienic clothing needs to have anti-puncture and tear resistance, and it is resistant to chemical solvents such as grease.