What are the advantages of disposable mask protection materials?

- Apr 29, 2019-

What are the advantages of disposable mask protection materials?

Now everyone should be familiar with disposable mask protection, especially in public places, hospitals have a lot of bacteria, so when you travel, you often see that many people wear medical masks, then medical masks are to prevent bacteria from entering the human body. Here, the small piece of disposable mask below will be introduced to the users, I hope to help everyone.

Earlier from the material of the medical mask, the filter cloth used mainly absorbs bacteria and viruses and blocks pathogens. The dense filter layer uses N95 filter material to filter out particles, which can effectively block flying wipes, blood, body fluids and secretion. Things. The mask strip is two long strips that pass through the channels on either side of the mask. The nose clip is placed at the center of the upper part of the filter layer and placed between the dense layer and the filter layer. The material is a metal or metal-plastic composite, which has both plasticity and strength, and is convenient for nasal seals when worn.

It can be said that the medical mask is a good item to ensure mutual infection between the medical staff and the patient. Therefore, it is necessary to make the bacterial filtration efficiency more than 95% according to the national requirements during production, which is the most important role of the medical mask.

Nowadays, air pollution in cities is getting more and more serious. Many people choose to wear anti-fog masks when they travel, which can prevent dust and bacteria from being sucked into the body. However, there are many types of masks on the market, so how to choose anti-fog masks? The small masks of disposable masks will be introduced to the users in a simple way, I hope to help everyone.

When buying an anti-fog mask, one should check whether the anti-fog mask fits the face, whether there is much air leakage around the nose and chin, and the mask with a bad face seal is equal to no wear. Here we tend to cover it. A mask on the head, not a mask hanging on the ear.

Whether the breathing is smooth, that is, whether the normal breathing of the person can be guaranteed. If the exhalation is not smooth, there will be a lot of water vapor, and the students with glasses have such an experience. After wearing the mask, the glasses will be covered with fog. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a mask with a breathing valve.

Because the outer layer of the anti-fog mask often accumulates a lot of dust, bacteria and other dirt in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides cannot be used alternately, otherwise the outer layer will be contaminated. The substance inhales into the human body when it is directly attached to the face, and becomes a source of infection.