Several Situations In Which Medical Personnel Must Change Health Clothes

- May 13, 2019-

Several situations in which medical personnel must change health clothes

Health care workers often come into contact with patients' blood, secretions, excretions, non-intact skin or other objects that may have infectious p athogens.Therefore, health clothing is an essential protective item for medical staff. Hygiene clothes have a certain period of use. During the general operation, the sanitary clothes need to be replaced more than 90 minutes to prevent the sanitary clothes from being damaged. However, there are several cases where it is necessary to replace the sanitary clothing immediately.

1. When the health service has been exposed to the patient's blood or body fluids, in order to avoid cross-infection with the patient who visits later, it is necessary to replace the health service immediately;

2. After completing the examination work of a patient, develop the habit of discarding the sanitary clothes, and change the habit of wearing the health clothing to touch the computer, mobile phone, documents, etc.

3. When the sanitary service is exposed to a place that may be contaminated by the pathogen, it is recommended to replace it with a pair of clean sanitary clothes if you need to carry out follow-up inspection work or contact with clean places.

Although defined as a one-time use of hygienic clothing, there is a clear distinction between durable and general-purpose clothing. For example, a durable sanitary garment can protect the hands for a longer period of time, thereby reducing the frequency of replacement and effectively maintaining the user's work schedule. The greater role is to reduce the overall cost of using the health service, so that the user's work efficiency is guaranteed.

Since durable sanitary garments have so many advantages, how do you judge that sanitary garments are durable sanitary garments?

First of all, of course, look at the type of health service. At present, the types of sanitary clothes are very large, including a variety of styles, and the common ones are standard type, durable type, super thick type and the like. The naming rules from them contain certain information. For example, durable and ultra-thick sanitary garments will be more durable. The durability of the standard sanitary ware is relatively weak. The main reason for this is that they have more or less raw materials, so the weight varies and the thickness will vary.

Then, you need to look at the material of the health service. Common materials for sanitary clothing are latex, nitrile, PVC and PE. As a material for durable sanitary garments, butyronitrile has a great advantage because it is a synthetic material that is polymerized from three monomers to give it a wear-resistant property. Therefore, durable sanitary clothing, the preferred nitrile material.