Resist The Smog, Have You Bought A Disposable Mask To Protect It?

- May 12, 2019-

Resist the smog, have you bought a disposable mask to protect it?

In the market environment where the protection standards for disposable disposable masks are missing, some well-known disposable mask protection manufacturers have repeatedly been counterfeited. In this regard, Zhao Danqing deeply understands: "With the 'Green Shield' disposable mask protection as an example, 'Green Shield' has applied for patents in the design and technology of disposable mask protection. However, some brands on the market simply imitate the products. The shape of the 'Green Shield' disposable mask protection has no actual protective effect, which has caused damage to the rights of consumers and production enterprises."

Secondly, when the relevant departments of the country test the disposable mask protection, they can only use the industrial disposable mask protection or the medical disposable mask protection test standards, so the test results are easy for consumers to feel upset.

Pei Xiaolin, deputy director of the Complaints Department of the China Consumers Association, told the "People's Eyes" reporter that because there is no national standard, consumers can only use the publicity of the business as a reference when choosing disposable mask protection. Which disposable mask has good protection effect? In fact, consumers are not clear.

It is said that China Consumers Association has received some consumer reports before. It feels that there is little difference between wearing disposable mask protection and not wearing disposable mask protection, and it can still smell odor. Some people think that wearing a disposable mask to protect after breathing Not smooth, I feel depressed. He pointed out that some people do not protect their mouth and nose when they wear it, and some do not let the disposable mask protect the face well, which will reduce the anti-fog effect of disposable mask protection. "This is related to the type and wearing habits that everyone chooses for disposable mask protection. Consumers should take into account the breathability and protection of disposable mask protection," he said.

It is also emphasized that the protection of civilian disposable masks that have been protected against smog must have the effect of preventing sputum. Secondly, the protection of disposable masks for civilians must take into account the comfort of the user when wearing them, that is to say, the permeability must be good and cannot be prevented. The smog causes other aspects of the body to be uncomfortable, such as chest tightness and hypoxia.

Pei Xiaolin said that the development of daily protective disposable mask protection technical standards has set a technical threshold for disposable mask protection manufacturers, which is conducive to the integration of different standards being implemented by various enterprises into one standard, and is also beneficial to the survival of the fittest. The level of the entire industry, from the basic level to the protection of consumer rights.