Hubei Wanli Company Hold New Headquarters Groundbreaking Ceremony

- Mar 03, 2021-

Hubei Wanli Company Hold New Headquarters Groundbreaking Ceremony

Date: 3 March 3, 2021

Hubei Wanli new headquarter buildings will be over 100,000 square meters area with 240 million Yuan investment funding.



On March 3rd in Xiantao city, Hubei Province, Hubei Wanli hold grand ceremony for the construction-starting on site, the whole project will finish within one year including office buildings and fabric producing lines of Microporous, SSSPP, SMS/SMMMS, and meltblown, also laboratory for both industry and medical grade fields.


Over 200 people attended the ceremony including heads of government departments, the CEO of Hubei Wanli Mr. Wellington Liu gave the speech about the gratitude toward local government for their huge support behind, and also emphasized Wanli’s goal is research and develop more new non-woven fabrics in medical and PPE applications.



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