How Dirty Is The Disposable Sheet?

- May 08, 2019-

How dirty is the disposable sheet?

In one's life, one-third of the time is spent in bed, and some lazy people may spend more time in bed. In this process, it is inseparable from disposable sheets. If our disposable sheets have not been cleaned and replaced for a long time, you can boldly guess how dirty the disposable sheets will be. Many people may not have thought about it at all, nor can they think of it.

Some people may have not changed disposable sheets for three months or even longer. Let's find out how dirty the disposable sheets will be at this time. In the process of sleep, we consciously or unconsciously will toss and turn, the skin of the body will directly rub with the disposable sheets. In this process, it is equivalent to giving the skin an exercise, the epidermis will be regenerated, new The skin replaces the old, old skin that falls off into dead skin. Many of these dead skins fell on the bed. They are the "food" for the survival of many bacteria. In other words, these dead skins provide living conditions for bacteria, which is a cause of easy breeding of bacteria. At the same time, it is not only dead skin, but also some other substances, such as body oil, saliva, stains and dust on the whole body, body fluids, even urine and feces, may be contaminated with disposable sheets. Mix with bacteria. Another problem is that during the sleep process, sweat also occurs. According to the study, one person will leave nearly 100,000 milliliters (the amount of 167 bottles of mineral water) in the bed every year, so the bed environment is damp. The condition is easy to breed fungi.

According to the test data, bacteria that may produce 3 to 5 million CFU (colony forming units) per 6 square centimeters of pillows, sheets and disposable sheets are not washed for one week. If not washed for one month, the number will be close to 12 million. . You know, a disposable sheet is about 4 square meters, or 6666 6 square centimeters, so at least 800 million bacteria will sleep with you.

Through the above analysis, we will know how dirty the disposable sheets are often not changed. We should pay attention to the cleaning of disposable sheets in one week. Use 55-60 degrees Celsius hot water and choose the right detergent. Otherwise new chemicals may be added to the disposable sheets. And after cleaning, pay attention to exposure, in addition to disposable sheets, other disposable sheets, also need to refer to disposable sheets, do a good job of cleaning.