Do You Really Know How To Clean And Maintain The Disposable Mask Protection?

- May 04, 2019-

Do you really know how to clean and maintain the disposable mask protection?

Disposable masks should be familiar to everyone. In daily life, people often wear disposable masks to protect them. However, people do not care about the cleaning and maintenance of disposable masks. In fact, the cleaning and maintenance of disposable mask protection is still Very important, then today's one-time disposable mask protection Xiaobian will give a simple introduction to the users, hoping to help everyone.

Soak in boiling water for 5 minutes, firstly boil a pot of boiling water. After the water is opened, pour it into a basin protected by a disposable mask. If it is a plastic basin, it is recommended to dry it first, then soak it in a disposable mask. If there is a ceramic basin, it is recommended to soak it in a ceramic basin. Clean the ceramic basin and put it into a disposable mask to protect it from boiling water for 5 minutes.

Soak the soap and protect it with a disposable mask with soap, washing powder, etc. Put the dusty place in a good place. If the force is too large, the fabric protected by the disposable mask will become loose and the dustproof function will be reduced. So don't use too much force.

It is cleaned, cleaned with soap, and then cleaned with a disposable mask. Rinse the soapy liquid and washing powder water on the disposable mask. Like the clothes, it is washed and aired in a place with sunlight and good ventilation. Be sure to dry in the sun, so that you can better disinfect and remove bacteria.

Nowadays, social development is getting faster and faster. However, the natural environment in which we live is getting worse and worse. As a result, foggy weather often occurs in many places. People often wear disposable mask protection when they travel, but many people once Sexual mask protection often ignores some details. The small piece of disposable disposable mask protection is given to the user for a brief introduction. Let's take a look at it.

In the high season of flu, haze, dusty days, illness and going to the hospital for medical treatment, you should wear disposable mask protection. In the winter, the elderly with low immunity and the sick and sick are better to wear disposable mask protection. Most of the color disposable mask protection is made of chemical fiber fabric, which has poor air permeability, chemical irritating odor, and easy damage to the respiratory tract. The qualified disposable mask is made of gauze and non-woven fabric.

It is unscientific to use it when it is used up and not cleaned in time. One-time mask protection will gather a lot of germs after 4-6 hours, and disposable mask protection will be washed every day. Do not wear disposable masks to protect your running. Because the demand for oxygen is greater than usual during outdoor sports, disposable mask protection may result in poor breathing or even lack of oxygen in the organs, which has serious consequences. Wear a disposable mask to protect most of the area below the mouth, nose and eyelids. The disposable mask protects the edges from the face and is tight, but be careful not to affect the line of sight.