How to clean disposable masks in daily life

- May 01, 2019-

How to clean disposable masks in daily life

People in daily life wear masks to protect their health. However, people don’t know how to clean them after wearing them. Today, the small masks of disposable masks will be introduced to the users. I hope to help everyone. .

Disposable mask protection is widely used in medical and health services. It can be used for beauty, pharmacy, heat preservation, good flexibility, good air permeability, waterproof and water absorption. Especially for some pollutants in the air, it can be thoroughly filtered by the filtering effect of disposable mask protection to ensure everyone's health. However, the durability or strength of the disposable mask protection is relatively poor, so the nonwoven fabric cannot be cleaned in terms of washing and cannot be reused. In addition, disposable mask protection must be careful during use. Its fibers are arranged in a certain direction, so it is easy to split from a right angle. These aspects are expected to attract everyone's attention.

Masks should be familiar to everyone. There are many kinds of masks on the market. There are gauze masks, disposable masks and dust masks. So today, the small masks of disposable masks will be introduced to the users. What are the advantages of the next disposable mask protection? Let's take a look at it.

There are two kinds of disposable mask protection, one is made of cotton gauze or knitted fabric, the middle clip is made of various non-woven fabrics; the other is directly made of non-woven fabric. . Now the latest varieties are non-woven materials on the surface and back, and a layer of filter paper is placed in the middle, which can improve the filtering effect of the disposable mask protection. What are the advantages of disposable mask protection?

The reason why disposable mask protection is favored by people is that it has the following advantages: good air permeability, non-woven fabric is better than other fabrics, and if it is mixed with filter paper in the non-woven fabric, its filtration The sex will be better; at the same time, the disposable mask protects the heat insulation more than the ordinary mask, and its water absorption and water resistance are good; in addition, the disposable mask protects the elasticity, and even if it is stretched left and right, there will be no unkempt phenomenon. It has a good feel and is very soft. Even if it is washed many times, it will not harden under the sun. The disposable mask protects the elasticity and returns to its original shape after long-term use.