Hygiene clothing precautions for household cleaning

- Apr 27, 2019-

Hygiene clothing precautions for household cleaning

Wearing hygiene clothing is the most direct and effective method of protection when doing housework. However, in life, we found that many people have problems with improper use, which not only makes the health service not play the protective role, but also causes health problems.

Therefore, in order to make the most effective protection for the health service, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Remove the ring, bracelet and other accessories before using the sanitary ware. Sharp jewelry will break through the hygienic clothes, and thus will not protect. For example, before handling the ingredients, the jewelry should be placed in a clean and safe position.

2. When using foods to dispose of ingredients, do not touch anything other than rags that can contaminate your clothes.

When using hygienic clothes in the kitchen and bathroom, it is necessary to distinguish them, so as not to mix them, so as to avoid cross-contamination of bacteria and enter the mouth.

In daily life, the same thing we do every day is to wash the dishes after eating, long-term use of detergent chemicals, will make your hands accelerate aging, hurt the skin caused by the hands of the detergent Shedding, more serious, is allergic to this. Labor insurance to solve this problem for you, wearing protective clothing to protect your hands from the adverse effects of long-term use of detergent.

Long-term use of washing powder will stimulate the skin of both hands, causing the skin to fall off. After a long period of intrusion on the hands, it will cause skin oxidation, but after wearing the protective clothing, all these problems can be properly solved, and the labor insurance is light. Soft and comfortable after wearing, it does not affect the activities of both hands. It is the best family essential labor insurance. In the family, there are many times when it can be used greatly. Labor insurance will greatly protect your hands.