Why is the disposable mask not dustproof?

- Apr 17, 2019-

Why is the disposable mask not dustproof?

Why is this? Because the general disposable mask can only block part of the dust, the dust-proof principle is mechanical filtration, that is, when the dust collides with the gauze, through the layer-by-layer barrier, some large particles of dust are blocked in the sand cloth. However, some fine dust, especially dust less than 5 microns, will pass through the mesh of gauze and enter the respiratory system, and the dust below 5 microns can directly enter the alveoli, affecting human health***** *, wearing more layers will not enhance the protective effect. Therefore, the disposable mask cannot be used for dust prevention.

Wearing a disposable mask is one of the effective preventive measures to isolate the virus and prevent the flu. However, wearing masks should also pay attention to techniques and methods. Improper use of masks will not only protect them, but increase the possibility of virus transmission. How to wear it correctly?

1, the mask should be worn, the upper edge should be worn on the top of the bridge of the nose, the mouth and nose should be completely covered, and there should be no gaps around. Don't wear too low, or the mask is too loose, and don't wear too high. Children wearing masks may feel difficulty breathing, and parents should communicate with their children in a timely manner. It is worth noting that once the mask is removed, fold the inside of the nose and mouth, place it in a clean pocket, or put it in a clean plastic bag for later use. The health department reminded that wearing a mask correctly can play a certain role, but wearing a mask can not completely protect the infectious disease. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of washing hands at the same time, keeping a distance from the patient, avoiding places where people gather, and other prevention. Measures.

2. Wear a mask when you go to a crowded place. It is not necessary for healthy people to wear masks in their daily lives. Wearing a mask to prevent exposure to droplets containing a pandemic virus. Healthy people are in isolation from patients with flu-like symptoms, close contact with people with cold symptoms, or go to hospitals, stations, etc. In public places; or in areas where the pandemic is severe, it is necessary to wear a mask.

3, disposable medical mask should be replaced every day, wearing a mask can not completely block the spread of the virus in the crowd, the public can not relax the vigilance after wearing the mask, neglecting important preventive measures such as washing hands frequently. It is an economical and effective prevention method to ask the public to go to a regular pharmacy to buy a general medical mask.