What role can the disease sign play in surgery?

- Apr 08, 2019-

What role can the disease sign play in surgery?

In terms of the effect of the disease number, the relevant information that the Medical Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. knows or understands will allow you to know more about the industry besides knowing the Health Care Products Co., Ltd.!

1. Use a sterile forceps to open a sterile bag of disposable disease.

2. Look for a wider space in the operating room to prevent exposure to contaminants when wearing a sick suit.

3. Select the size of the sterile glove according to the label.

[Method of operation]

(1) After the arm is disinfected, take the sick number (the hand should not touch the underlying service), lift the ends of the collar with both hands, and consult the chest and the operating table and other personnel to identify the sterile face of the patient. Shake off the sick suit and turn to the opposite side.

(2), the sick number is put into the air and thrown, the two arms are inserted into the sleeve and stretched forward slightly.

(3) The patrolling nurse assisted in pulling the two corners of the collar and fastening the back belt. The wearer put his hand forward to the sleeve. (You can push the sleeves to the wrist with two arms crossed, or insert the inside of the cuff on the other side by hand. The sleeve is pushed from the palm of your hand to the wrist, avoiding the hand touching the outside of the sick suit).

(4), after putting on the sick suit, slightly bend over, so that the belt is suspended (to avoid touching the sick suit) (the belt does not cross) surgery, do you know how to wear a disposable surgical suit? The sick suit is suitable for the roving nurse.

(5), the roving nurse tied the belt from behind (avoid touching the fingers of the wearer) and lifted the middle of the belt with both hands.

Surgery is done by the medical staff of every hospital, and many patients also think that the safety of a surgery depends on the doctor who is responsible for the knife, although it is a very important part of a surgeon. A safe surgical environment is also a very important part of every operation. The sick suit is also the workwear that every one of our medical staff working in the operating room must wear. It is very important for us to have a safe operating environment.

The hospital needs to be fully disinfected before any abnormal surgery. A clean and sterile surgical environment can ensure the patient's infection during the operation. If there is no safe environment, it will not only cause illness. The body's infections cause germs, and these bacteria can also infect our health care workers. Wearing work clothes during surgery can be very effective in preventing bacteria throughout the process, so that we can ensure the safety of our patients and protect our health care workers.