The sick suit should meet the requirements

- Apr 07, 2019-

The sick suit should meet the requirements

I hope that through the introduction of this article, you can have a certain understanding and understanding of the characteristics and requirements of the sickness service, and then follow the experts of the Medical Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. to see the relevant content brief.

At the time of the operation, the medical staff must be required to wear a special sick suit. At the time of choosing the service, in order to be safe, it is necessary to ensure that the garment is 100% sterile, so that it must be strictly sterilized and disinfected to ensure optimal protection.

The basic materials are mostly non-woven fabrics. After a series of disinfection treatments, they are used in a single-use manner to ensure health and hygiene. After all, the hygiene of such clothing is extremely important, so as to effectively avoid the infection of Bijun on the operating table. Keep your surroundings clean. Many doctors spend a lot of time on surgery, so the clothes are worn for a long time. Therefore, we need to ensure that the clothing is more comfortable and breathable. After all, the medical staff is in a very tense state at the moment of the operation, so it is necessary to ensure the comfort of wearing them, and can effectively prevent the clothing from tearing or causing unnecessary wear and tear.

When wearing in winter, it is very resistant to static electricity. And for some chemicals, as well as bacteria, can play a good role in resisting. The color of the clothing is mostly blue and blue, so it gives people a quiet and peaceful visual effect surgery. The characteristics and requirements of the sick suit should be very suitable for the operating table.

The disease is light, non-toxic and antibacterial, so it is used more frequently in medical units. It is also because of such good product characteristics that the frequency of use of the product in isolation protection works is also increased. At present, in addition to medical institutions, it is also recognized in China's transportation and environmental protection departments, chemical industry and epidemic prevention and other related fields, so that mobile phone clothing production units have entered a golden period of production and sales.

Most of the sick clothes are made of non-woven fabrics, mainly because the non-woven fabrics have natural durability during use, and under special processes, while insulating. Has a certain stiffness.