The raw materials of medical sick clothes should be anti-static. What should the operating room staff wear?

- Apr 09, 2019-

The raw materials of medical sick clothes should be anti-static. What should the operating room staff wear?

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In the process of processing and wearing, the medical non-woven fabric will rub against the human body and various objects to generate static electricity. If the conductivity of the fiber or object is not good, the charge is not easy to escape, which often affects the production process and reduces the quality of the fabric. Clothing is easy to stain when it generates static electricity, and it is entangled, which makes the human body inconvenient to move, uncomfortable, unsightly, and even cause a fire.

The intensity of the static electricity carried by the material can be expressed in terms of the charge half-life, that is, the time required for the electrostatic voltage or charge on the fibrous material to decay to half of the original value; it can also be indirectly expressed by the specific resistance of the fiber. The large amount of power of various fibers is roughly equal, but the rate of static decay is very different. The surface specific resistance of the material is reduced to a certain extent. The choice of the disease number needs to consider which factors can prevent the occurrence of static electricity.

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Restaurant waiters will wear restaurant uniforms and welders will have flame retardant overalls. Similarly, there are a variety of medical services in the hospital, such as doctor's suits, nurses' suits, surgical gowns, and patient suits. Today, Junfang medical service manufacturers will introduce you to the precautions for wearing surgical gowns.

1, clean and tidy

It is well known that surgical gowns are worn by nurses and doctors in the operating room, and their environment is usually relatively demanding. Therefore, surgical gowns not only need to be cleaned, but also need to be disinfected.

Choosing the operating room staff to wear requirements Whether it is a nurse or a doctor, you must wear medical equipment prescribed by the medical institution when working in the operating room, and do not wear personal clothing.

2, surgical gowns generally have pockets, because the staff needs to place something. However, pockets are not free to store personal items and other unclean objects.

3, wearing a sterile surgical gown method is to gently shake the surgical gown, lift the sides of the collar, insert the hands into the sleeves, arms extended forward, assisted by the tour nurse, the arms crossed to lift the belt to the rear , tied by the nurse behind him.