The important manifestation of the operation of the disease

- Apr 05, 2019-

The important manifestation of the operation of the disease

In the aspect of choosing a disposable surgical bag in the pharmaceutical industry, the relevant information that the Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. knows or knows can be analyzed, so that you can know more about the industry besides knowing the Hygiene Products Co., Ltd.!

The problem of one-time use of caesarean section surgery kits and one-time use of towel materials has already been known. The importance of "surgical gowns to surgeons" When did the surgical gowns begin to be applied?

The entire process of surgery requires non-toxic sterility, which is a requirement to ensure the safety of the patient's life. The doctor who operates the operation will enter the operating room before entering the operating room. The isolation suit, the isolation cap, the mask, and the heavy disinfection process ensure the non-toxic sterility during the whole process of the operation.

The hospital generally has requirements for the doctor's ordinary work clothes, neat and clean, can not have fancy patterns, color uniforms, etc., in order to make the doctor profession more professional. The requirements for surgical gowns are higher, because the doctor who operates the surgery is likely to have several hours or even more than ten hours of surgery on the operating table. The important part of the operation is the long-term operation of the doctor. Can it work normally?

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Today's medicines are generally surgical bags that use disposable non-woven fabrics.

The first is very safe, convenient and economical. This disposable non-woven surgical bag is made of high-quality medical grade non-woven fabric, which has a low comprehensive cost and is very popular among medical personnel.

Secondly, it has the dual protection function, which can protect the patient from infection and ensure that the medical staff will not reverse infection, which is very safe. Re-use the non-woven surgical bag to make the patient very comfortable. It is soft and breathable, and it also prevents liquid penetration. It is very clean and tidy, which can improve patient comfort and reduce postoperative infection rate. Finally, the non-woven surgical bag is very environmentally friendly, and the post-processing is very simple. In addition, it can save operation time, which is very beneficial for patients and medical staff.

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