Teach you how to wear the sick suit correctly.

- Apr 13, 2019-

Teach you how to wear the sick suit correctly.

In the introduction about the correct wearing method of the sick suit, let everyone know some unknown problems or knowledge, but we are still relatively new to the industry where "Medical Hygiene Products Co., Ltd." is located. Today we come Learn about:

Everyone knows that the sick clothes are worn by doctors during the operation. I believe that everyone has seen the steps of doctors wearing sick clothes in some film and television works. Are these correct? It is very important to wear the sick suit correctly. Let's study it with Xiaobian.

First, let's take a look at why you should wear a sick suit. You must know that bacteria are scattered in every corner of our lives. Although doctors must wash their hands carefully before surgery, this does not guarantee the required sterile environment, and the skin is deep. Bacteria can also multiply rapidly during surgery, so be sure to wear a sterile dress with sterile gloves to perform the surgery.

When wearing a sick suit, lift the collar with both hands, and keep away from the operating table and other personnel, and judge the sterile side of the sick suit to wear on the opposite side. The patient was gently thrown into the air and put both arms into the sleeves, and the belt behind the clothes was tied by the nurse. After completing this step, the dresser bent slightly and suspended the belt. The middle part of the belt is handed to the nurse, and the whole process must be ensured that the patient is not exposed to the operation, and the correct wearing method of the sick suit is to avoid contamination.

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The disease is light, non-toxic and antibacterial, so it is used more frequently in medical units. It is also because of such good product characteristics that the frequency of use of the product in isolation protection works is also increased. At present, in addition to medical institutions, it is also recognized in China's transportation and environmental protection departments, chemical industry and epidemic prevention and other related fields, so that mobile phone clothing production units have entered a golden period of production and sales.

Most of the sick clothes are made of non-woven fabrics, mainly because the non-woven fabrics have natural durability during use, and under special processes, while insulating. Has a certain stiffness.

In the process of making a sick suit, medical treatment will be made according to the needs of the customer. If the medical institution is used, the patient will be made into a one-time use according to its requirements; if it is in China's transportation and In the chemical industry, according to customer requirements, this thin, flap-like diseased clothing has high strength and durability, so that after wearing, it can also guarantee the excellent characteristics of the sick suit itself. <Correct / making sick clothes according to different materials p> Through the introduction of this article, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of "the correct wearing method for the sick clothes", if you want to understand, disposable medical service manufacturers, medical supplies Ltd. and other related knowledge, please contact us!