Medical surgical disposable coverall from Hubei Wanli

- Mar 22, 2021-

The protective coveralls which have a short duration of use are termed as disposable coveralls. Vpro Wear is one of the leading disposable coverall manufacturers in India. Our 3m disposable protective coveralls offer a high degree of security to the wearer by covering his entire body. These disposable coveralls provide protection to the user against various hazards, like biohazards, chemical hazards, electrical hazards, thermal hazards etc. We use high-quality material to make these coveralls as your safety is our main motive.

Areas of Application of Our 3m Disposable Coveralls

  • Medical Industry: In hospitals, doctors wear these medical coveralls. These coveralls protect doctors against contagious infections like an infection through patients’ body fluids or viral infections, as in the case of Covid 19 pandemic.

  • Chemical Industry: These coveralls protect the workers working in the chemical plants against coming in direct contact with chemicals.

  • Nuclear Power Plants: These disposable coveralls play a crucial role while operating in nuclear power plants and during the disposal of nuclear fuels.

  • Electrical Industry: In electrical industries, these coveralls protect users from getting electrical shocks.

Why Our Disposable Coveralls

Our coveralls have the following properties:

  • Comfortable to wear.

  • Excellent protective properties.

  • No maintenance cost.

  • Cost-effective.