How to wear a medical disposable mask correctly?

- Apr 15, 2019-

How to wear a medical disposable mask correctly?

Now when I go to the hospital, there are many people. I feel that the air has changed. I am salted, injured, and urine. The corridor is full of people. The air is really bad. Many people wear disposable masks.* ***** Wear disposable masks and put disposable masks on. The following is the method of wearing disposable masks on the Internet.

Usually, the disposable sanitary disposable mask we buy at the pharmacy is a medical general surgical disposable mask. It has two sides, the darker side - the blue side faces outward, the lighter side faces inward, close to ours. Face.

The main precautions for wearing a disposable mask are:

1. Disposable masks have white and blue sides, with the white side facing inward and the side of the metal strip facing up. First, tie the lower two straps to the back of the neck and tighten! Having the lower edge of the disposable mask to the root of the chin;

2. Pull up the upper edge of the disposable mask, cover the mouth and nose with a disposable mask, and pull the two straps on the top to the back of the ear and fasten it to the head.

3. Use two fingers to press the wire on the upper part of the disposable mask to make it close to the nose skin, then gradually move the food to the sides, which is the whole disposable mask close to the facial skin.

A disposable mask is a protective disposable mask that protects the human respiratory system from harmful gases from the outside world. It has a temporary protection effect on the human body and protects the human body by filtering harmful substances. It can effectively isolate harmful substances and allow people to breathe clean air.

Disposable masks have a very good effect and are a daily necessities in people's daily lives. In daily life, it generally plays the role of the following:

1. In the high incidence period of the virus, it can effectively prevent the spread of the virus and reduce the probability of people's illness;

2, in the cold winter, can increase people's warmth measures for the respiratory system, is a very common way to keep warm, health care;

3. In the season when the air quality is not up to standard, it can prevent the invasion of harmful substances and greatly reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases;

4. When performing some toxic operations, disposable masks can well protect the health of the human body and reduce the inhalation of harmful substances.

Disposable masks are very common items in both life and work. The bigger role is to protect people's health and protect people's respiratory system.