How to choose good disposable gloves

- Apr 24, 2019-

How to choose good disposable gloves

1. Look at the material: The disposable gloves are made of polyethylene new material. The new material is non-toxic and tasteless, with good transparency, safety and hygiene, and can directly contact food. Do not choose the production of recycled material particles, such a appearance of black, even dark black, taste, sanitation is not up to standard.

2. Look at the appearance: the qualified seal is good, the dripping water does not leak, such that in the face of greasy, water stains, the dye is not easy to break, the toughness is good, and the tension is strong, and it can protect our hands from oil stains.

3. Look at the thickness: the thickness of the disposable gloves is directly related to the weight of the single gram. Generally speaking, the weight of a single glove is thick, the weight of a single gram is thinner, the price of a thin one is cheaper, but the usage rate is low and easy. Broken, the better the thickness, the higher the price. This kind of glove has strong barrier property and is not easy to break. It is more resistant to oil, water and dirt.

4. Look at the size: choose the right size model, pay attention to the appropriate size of the actual size, in order to be more accurate, you can measure before buying, generally the amount from the middle finger to the length of the wrist, and the width of the palm. It is much easier to select the size of the glove based on the measured size, making it easy to choose the right size. Can not be too long, can not be too short, can not be too large, the general common size is large, medium, small. Choose according to your needs.

5. Look at the packaging: Select the packaging with the production license certification, the hygiene inspection report, and provide the inspection certificate; outsource the production date, shelf life, production batch number, manufacturer address packaging gloves, weight, length, width, thickness, etc. Information, product safety.

6. Look at the manufacturer: Disposable gloves are produced in regular factories. The general qualifications are complete, the workshop standards, the process production meets the industry standards, and the small workshops and black factories are selected. There is no guarantee for health after-sales.

The above are two important points to pay attention to when purchasing disposable gloves. I hope that you can refer to the above contents when purchasing.

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