Different from the sick suit

- Apr 10, 2019-

Different from the sick suit

Do you know anything about Health Care Products Co., Ltd? Today, the Xiaobian of the Medical Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction about the sick suit, and let you know more about the Medical Products Co., Ltd.

If the surgical gown is just a casual overall, can the doctor work for more than ten hours? The requirements for the surgical gown must first be worn without discomfort, and secondly, the doctor should not interfere with the normal operation. Ensuring absolute quietness and no pollution is an important protection for the patient.

In the hospital, the requirements for the doctor's surgical gown are far more than these. If the doctor accidentally smashes the surgical gown to the ground or other items, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Such strict requirements are the basics to ensure the smooth operation of the operation. Therefore, in the purchase of surgical gowns, the hospital will find a professional manufacturer to carry out a custom-made operation for one time. Is the diseased clothing the same? The purpose of the surgical gown is to the surgeon. for safety.

You may want to know:

1. The weight of the non-woven fabric is not less than 20 grams.

2. The surface of each component of the surgical bag should be neat and tidy, and there should be no holes, foreign objects, no stains and severe wrinkles.

3. The surgical bag should be evenly sewn, no gaps and no seams.

4. The surgical package is sterilized by a confirmed aseptic procedure.

5. The residual amount of ethylene oxide should be no more than 10ug/g.

For disposable surgical kits, they can not be reused after use. When used, they should be used correctly and used according to the procedures. The above is the performance index of the disposable surgical kit shared by Xiaobian. I hope to help you.