CE approval ffp2 foldable mask factory stock KN95 Face Mask with cheap price ffp2 mask

- Mar 30, 2021-

Easy to Use

1. Unfold the mask.

2. Position the mask under the chin covering mouth and nose.

Hold the Folding Particulate Respirator in position over the nose and mouth and fasten the other end of the retaining clip to the other side of the mask

3. Adjust the harness/ear loop to make it comfortable

4. Press soft nosepiece to conform snugly around the nose.

5. To check fit, both hands over the mask and exhale vigorously. If air flows around nose, tighten the nosepiece. If air leaks around the edge, reposition the harness/ear loop for better fit. Re-check the seal and repeat the procedure until the mask is sealed properly.

Usage/ Limitations

This respirator is suitable for use in protection against the non-toxic solid and liquid aerosols.

Do not use out of the scope of use defined in the warnings.

Failure to properly use this product may result in serious health damage or death.

FFP1 NR: Filter Efficiency 80%; Allocated Protection Factor (FPA) is 4; Examples of applications are Handling of stone / rubble / cellulose.

FFP2 NR: Filter Efficiency 94%; Allocated Protection Factor (FPA) is 10, Examples of applications are Sanding of soft wood, composite materials, rust, putty, plaster, plastics / cutting, deburring, grinding, drilling of metal.

FFP3 NR: Filter Efficiency 99%; Allocated Protection Factor (FPA) is 20; Examples of applications are Sanding of hard wood (beech, oak) / treatment of wood using copper, chrome or arsenic based products / impact stripping of paint / sanding of cement.


1.Failure to follow all instructions and limitations on the use of this product, or failure to achieve proper fit, may result in damage to your health or death.

2.A properly selected respirator is essential to protect your health. Before using this respirator consult a suitably qualified safety professional to determine the suitability of the product for your intended use.

3.This product does not supply oxygen. Use only in adequately ventilated areas containing sufficient oxygen to support life. Do not use this respirator when the oxygen concentration is less than 19.5%.

4.Do not use when concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to health or life. Do not use this product in an explosive atmosphere.

5.Leave the work area immediately if: a) breathing becomes difficult or b) dizziness or other distress occurs.

6.Facial hair, beards and certain facial characteristics may reduce the effectiveness of this respirator.

7.Never alter or modify this respirator in any way (except as indicated in the instructions).

8.“NR” means this particle filtering half mask shall not be used for more than one shift. No maintenance is necessary. Discard respirator after use or if damaged in any way.Contaminated products should be disposed as hazardous waste in accordance with national regulations.

9.The length of time this respirator can be used depends on contaminants present but should not exceed one shift. The respirator should be replaced sooner if breathing becomes difficult.

Keep respirators in the display box away from direct sunlight or contaminants until use. Ambient storage conditions as temperature between -30℃ to +70℃, and relative humidity <80%.

11.Unless this is fitted according to the “Easy to use” instructions the respirator will not provide the expected level of protection.

12.Failure to achieve proper fit may result in serious health damage or death.

13.The respirators must be stored and transported in their original package and protected by the storage temperature and humidity as suggested by the manufacturer.