Analysis of the main raw materials used in the sick suit

- Apr 06, 2019-

Analysis of the main raw materials used in the sick suit

I am very professional in the use of the material in the sick suit. Today, we will introduce you to the material used in the sick suit. I hope that through our introduction, you will have a deeper understanding of the materials used in the sick suit.

The sick suit is a garment worn by a doctor during surgery. The product is made from a nonwoven fabric as a main raw material. And has a good permeability, resistance to bacteria, water resistance. The general style design has two bags between the neck and the waist. When wearing it, it is reversed. Fasten the strap and put on the gloves. The main function of wearing a sick suit is to isolate the bacteria from infection, and to protect the doctor from being infected, so that it will not cause secondary infection to the patient.

The sick clothes should be kept flat, and there should be no loopholes, stains, etc. If there are these problems, they cannot be used, the sewing needles are even, and the burrs are not allowed in the sewing. Before use, check whether the packaging is intact, sealed, airtight, can withstand normal transportation and storage, and confirm the effective shelf life of the product, and use it within a valid time.

When the disease is made, the quality should be strictly checked to ensure that the product can be sold after being qualified. It is placed in the environment without corrosive gas, the relative humidity is low, the temperature is suitable for surgery, and the material used for the disease is well ventilated. .

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In today's hospitals, we see all the medical staff in the operating room wearing a uniform work clothes. This kind of clothing is very different from our doctor's white coat and nurse's nurse clothes, no matter from the color. Whether it is from the style or from the fabric, there is a certain difference. This kind of clothing is the surgical gown that must be worn in the operating room. It is a very special kind of clothing, and it is also a workwear with good protection. It can create a sterile surgical environment for our patients, as well as prevent infections and our health care providers.

The fabric of this kind of clothing is quite special. It is generally made of very thin and high-grade plastic, and it is also very special in the process. It will carry out the process of laminating. This special material and process can be well performed in surgery. During the period to prevent the spread of germs, protect our health care workers and patients. This kind of work clothes are generally one-off. Our medical staff will take off the first time and put them in the designated recycling place after the operation of a patient. This will avoid the spread of germs. In general, the hospital will have special personnel to handle these disposable surgical gowns where the surgical gown can be purchased.